De Parade Amsterdam 2013

This month the summer theatre festival “De Parade” will be coming to Amsterdam again. This artistic and creative festival is a festival “on the move” which travels through different cities within the Netherlands and stops in Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht and has its last stop in Amsterdam.

De Parade is known to have “something for all” and is blend of theatre shows, music performance, stand up comedians and existing activities. The festival is made complete by its extensive culinary offer which again servers something for all from Italian pizza’s to a French crepe’s and even travelling further across Europe with serving Turkish specialities and “soul-food”. They even serve a special selection of wines of which this year the house wine is coming from a relatively unknown area in Spain namely Utiel-Requena which just produces biological grapes.

De Parade Amsterdam 2013

To make the entire festival offer complete, sustainability is an important leading theme through-out the entire event. Next to the wine being served in PET bottles being eco-friendly and build of recyclable material, is the entire festival “factory-farming” free

In short let this out-door festival at the Martin Luther King Park from 9-25 August deliver you a memorable experience no matter what language you speak or what age you have, there is “something for all”..

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