avl-ville energy plant

Joep Van Lieshout, artist and founder of Atelier Van Lieshout, art’otel amsterdam‘s signature artist gives us his thoughts on art and food and how the two meet.

PioneerSet 1999_004 AVL

“Food is really important for me, and also plays a big role in the work of Atelier Van Lieshout. Already in 1999, AVL created a prefabricated farm, which we then actually used to grow crops and raise animals – a very early example of the now so popular urban farming!

avl-ville energy plant

Our current art project, New Tribal Labyrinth, also includes a series of farms which could – or could not – be used. One of these is the Insect Farm, currently on display at Z33, Hasselt. It is the farm of the future, where insects will be bred as a high protein, low-carbon-footprint solution for feeding the increasing world population.  I can’t wait to find them on the menu!”

Insectfarm 2012 AVL

Joep van Lieshout

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