In Amsterdam? Get on your bike! But before you do – make sure you’ve got the creative flourishes required to wow your fellow road runner into submission… We’ve scoured the globe (and the internet) for some of the hottest accessories around to pimp your bike with.

BIKE FASHION 3 -EJThe 5&33 bar team will tell you this is their favourite accessory. There isn’t currently anywhere you can purchase this, but we advise all creatives to get building in preparation for summer 2014!

BIKE FAHION - EJ 1This funky chainguard is created by the folk at Poka Cycle – who also fashion helmets, mudguards and other fun accessories from crafted metals.

BIKE FASHION EJ 2Design from our home turf now, by Dutch designer Jeriël Bobbe, at Bloon Design – this super practical, yet stylish picnic table ‘SpringTime’ that folds away neatly on the back of your bike…

Bike Fashion Deerstalker EJ 4Finally – nothing brings a touch of old fashioned glamour to bike riding like a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat. This might be German-designed (by Helt-Pro) , but it screams British Victoriana, and we love it!

Send us your best bike shopping tips for Amsterdam!

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