Photo by Selwyn Senatori

Amsterdam’s most well-connected man, Morris Nieuwenhuis of Neuhaus PR, talks to us about hot artist Selwyn Senatori.

Selwyn Senatori is a popular Dutch Neo-pop Artist who paints about the inspiring things in life: La Dolce Vita. This means good food and wine, Italy, music, movies, women and design.

His unique and modern style is a big international success. The variety of clients and his many exhibitions make his work very versatile. He mainly works with acrylic paint on linen but he also uses chalk, pencils and spray cans. Senatori owns a big studio/gallery in the city center of Amsterdam named DownTown 75. This New York-style loft will bring you back to the Pop Art scene of the 80’s.

Selwyn Senatori 2

Recently a new Pop-Up Gallery opened its doors, displaying a brand new selection of his latest sketches and colorful paintings, which reflect the story of his Italian background.

Selwyn Senatori

Always dressed to the nines, this dandyesque persona, wanders from artist life till jet set party and everything beyond. If you are very lucky, you might bump in to him in Amsterdam’s latest hotspots were he likes hang out and he always carries some pencils for whenever inspirations kicks in so you never know what is going to happen…
Le Pop gallery: Rokin 55

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