Tinc PR, Lifestyle PR agency Amsterdam, introduces us to Vivi Mac, an amazing artist from France who uses any kind of food to create detailed celebrity portraits!


Our parents thought us not to play with our food, but Vivi Mac tells us different! She is a very talented artist of and creates portraits by using unusual ingredients like chewing gum, milk and caramel. Examples of her creations are the Mona Lisa in Barbeque sauce, Jack Sparrow in rum or Lauren Hill in Caramel. Check out the video and see how she works on a detailed portrait of Bruce Lee made out of milk.

Creating the perfect cooked diner takes creativity, and art is a way to express this creativity. We enjoy food when it’s beautifully presented on a plate in a restaurant because looks intensify the flavor. There is a strong connection between food and art and Vivi Mac shows us how they inspire each other in different ways.Vivi-Mac-food-3

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