AVL Ville 2001Joep van Lieshout, artist and founder of Atelier Van Lieshout, signature artist for art’otel amsterdam, blogs about art and food, and how the two meet.

Finissage Infernopolis_5285

Food is really important for Atelier Van Lieshout as a whole. Our group – currently 20 strong – always has lunch together, and we always try to incorporate food into our events, projects and exhibitions.

AVL-Ville, 2001In 2001 we realised the project AVL-Ville, a ‘free-state’ in the Rotterdam harbours. As part of AVL-Ville we built the Hall of Delights, which functioned as the AVL-canteen and as a restaurant where we invited guest Chefs to prepare gourmet food at a friendly price. When AVL-Ville ended, we organised a large closing party with our own roasted pigs.

Finissage Infernopolis_5299For the Infernopolis finissage in 2010, at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningens Onderzeebootloods, we custom-built a large cooking pot for shellfish and fed 500 people, and as part of our current show The Butcher in Marseille, we organised a dinner with two whole cows!

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