Walking around town makes you notice it’s November again. Or should I say Movember? What started out with some innocent whiskers is now starting to become serious. Only one week before “shaving day”; there are moustaches everywhere!

MovemberWhen a news show aired an item in 1999 about 80 men from Adelaide growing their moustaches for charity throughout November, a nationwide phenomenon was born. In 2004, 30 men from Melbourne grew their moustache for 30 days in order to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and depression in men. This group would later become the Movember Foundation charity.

MovemberOnly two years later Movember had captured the world. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are popping up everywhere around our planet. Last year 1.1 million people signed up to participate, raising a total amount of 95 million dollar.

MovemberOnly one week to go before the world will start shaving again massively. Hold on Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, your almost there! In the meantime visit 5&33, contribute to the success and head to the bar for a zesty Mo-jito. €4 goes to the Movember charity! #meetusonthecorner

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