Are you in for a candlelight night, with live music, fantastic food and nice cocktails whilst saving the planet? Come visit 5&33 on March 29. During the WWF worldwide initiative ‘Earth Hour’,  we’ll turn off the lights and light up our candles. This way we show our commitment to the planet, while you can still see your lover, friends, family, drinks and bites. During this evening your ears are in for a treat as well! Musical star and WWF ambassador Nurlaila Karim and Voice of Holland super talent Shirma Rouse will perform for you, live and acoustically. To make the performance even more delightful we’ll have Roger Happel (keys), Paddy van Rijswijk (bass) and Lex Amrein (sound).

Nurlaila Karim

Nurlaila Karim

Nurlaila: Started her career in the rock-scene in The Hague, but soon landed in the musical business. She was Dorothy in The Wiz, which became a great hit and was visited in Holland by millions of guests. Before the Wiz, she played in musicals like Fame, Miss Saigon en Rent. In Les Misérables she was Fantine. She’s a public’s sweetheart and known for being able to sing a great variety of styles; from Rock, to Musical, Soul, R&B to Jazz and back.

Shirma Rouse

Shirma Rouse

Shirma: Her introduction to the Dutch music scene started off when she was asked to become a backing vocalist of the group Tasha’s World, moving on to performing, recording and touring with a wide range of artists from every genre. Chaka Khan, Micheal Bolton, Metropole Orkest, Intwine, Extince, Wouter Hamel,Candy Dulfer, Alain Clark, Anouk, Glennis Grace, Randal Corsen, Tribute 2 Bob Marley, Carlo de Wijs.  She has shared her talent and love for music with them and manymore.

Roger Happel

Roger Happel (keys)

Paddy van Rijswijk

Paddy van Rijswijk (bass)

Enjoy the world under the shining stars with delightful food or one of our delicious cocktails “Green Planet” or “Night Sky” exclusively prepared for this event. The “Milky Way” is a dessert especially made for your kids, so bring them too!

Don’t miss it! Make your reservations now and  #meetusonthecorner.


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