Schijnheilig (Two-faced) by Boxie at 5&33 Gallery from 27 March until 18 May 2014

Boxie will be exhibiting his highly acclaimed Schijnheilig collection at 5&33 Gallery – the only Amsterdam location to be showcasing the pieces which are an eclectic series of urban art paper drawings.

With a style, vision and strong opinion of his own, Boxie shares his experiences while being in wonder about the fact that he is actually here in this world. His creatively complex world includes these themes in his Schijnhelig collection. He still uses the very first characters he created at the age of 20 in his works.

Visit the new exhibition at 5&33 Gallery from 07.00am until 11.00pm Monday – Sunday (7 days a week).

About Boxie
Born May 12, 1970, Boxie began his dream of drawing and is now a world-renowned urban artist.
He developed his works in an attic in Amsterdam, where he based himself in order to meet up with other artists in the city. He kept his head down and spent six years in his studio working hard on creating his street art collection and artistic vision.
At 27 he became a father and moved to Midwoud where he held his first solo exhibition. He now lives in the city centre of Hoorn where his new studio is located.

Curious? See Boxie’s video!


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