How do you spend your lunch break? Do you quickly eat a sandwich with eyes glued to your Smartphone and with one hand on your keyboard? Or do you just skip it because you have “too much on your plate”?

Did you know that taking a proper lunch during which you refuel and re-energize can not only make you a better employee, but also a healthier and happier person? Having company of some friends or colleagues will make it extra special!

Treat yourself to something you really enjoy! Any food or place you like in particular, make sure to go at least once a week. You only live once, right?

Stop by at 5&33!
5&33 offers a casual, shared-dining concept with a menu sample of simple, fresh, honest food – inspired by the flavours of the wider Mediterranean. Lunch is served daily from 12.00 pm. Choose from or grand selection of cured meet & cheese, healthy salads, veggie food or warm dishes. View our menu here
Still thinking you don’t have enough time to go out for lunch? Email us and we make sure your lunch is ready as soon as you arrive!
Enjoy your food. Lunch should be about having lunch!

See some of 5&33’s dishes!

2013-5and33-PWF-1727 2013-5and33-PWF-18952013-5and33-PWF-1923_Crab-Raviol2013-5and33-PWF-1953_Braised-Ox-2013-5and33-PWF-19452013-5and33-PWF-1715

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