Are you one of those people who only drink coffee in the morning just to wake up? Here’re some other ways to enjoy coffee throughout the day!

At breakfast
It takes something special to make being dragged out of bed bearable. Start your day with filter coffee from Ethiopia. The Hunda Oli is a collective of crop from a new farmer’s cooperative with heirloom varieties. Its delicate and crisp taste will wake you up gently with flavors of peach, apricot, lemon and jasmine. No better way to kick off the day!

At lunchtime
No coffee at lunch? For a coffee addict this might be not the case. If you use your lunch break wisely, coffee will be a perfect addition to your lunch. What about cold brew coffee after lunch as we’re approaching the summer? When it comes to that there’s plenty of choices!


At dinner
Do you prefer Port as a after-dinner snifter? You can also choose something more traditional; the well-known espresso. What’s not love about this classically cool coffee? Would you like something sweet to accompany? Forget about the cookies, chocolates or pies and add some vanilla syrup (or any other aroma) to flavor your coffee! The perfect choice for a tasty and healthy digestive!

espresso no 9 decaf




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