GRID, the biannual, international exhibition is coming to 5&33 Gallery on 21 May 2014. This cultural event centres around visual communications, including photography, digital and film.

This year’s theme is “Constructions”. The construction of photography, architectural constructions and the construction of relationships and identities that we form.

5&33 will feature a number of artists as part of GRID. Edgar Martins with the The Wayward Line exhibition and Elke Reinhuber, who explores alternative layers of the here and now with immersive environments and expanded photography.

Edgar Martins: The Wayward line
The exhibition of the Portuguese artist Edgar Martins is symptomatically titled “The Wayward Line” and brings together works from his two distinct series “This is not a house” & “Reluctant Monoliths”. “This is not a House” examines the subprime mortgage crisis. This work was shot in the USA, between November and December 2008, in the context of a commission for The New York Times Magazine.
“Reluctant Monoliths” was produced after “This is not a House” and can be considered as a sort of allegorical version of this series. Developed in France, in 2009, these images examine the radical transformation of the Loire River Estuary and its traditional industries.
Edgar Martins is an internationally renowned artist whose work is published and exhibited all around the world. In 2011 he was chosen to represent Macau on the 54th Biennale in Venice. He won several important awards and is considered as one of the most influential photographers of his generation.
Read more on Edgar Martins.


Edgar – The Wayward Line


Elke – Decision Value






Elke Reinhuber: Decision Values
German artist Elke Reinhuber´series “Decision Values” tries to explore the importance of good and rational choices by observing several institutions in which decision making is a regular and highly important task. She visited the stock market, the parliament, the higher court, an air traffic control tower and a hospital in Paris.
Elke Reinhuber is not your average artist, because she has become a specialist on choice, decision making and counterfactual thoughts in media arts, since working on her practice-based PhD. As a decidophobic in her own life, she explores in particular alternative layers of the here and now with immersive environments and expanded photography. Elke Reinhuber exhibited in various galleries and museums like the Fotomuseum Winterthur, The Private Museum in Singapore and the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris.
Read more on Elke’s exhibition.

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