Numbers can tell a lot about our surroundings and yet, they are worthless without the knowledge how to read them, how to connect the dots.

In my artistic research, I approach to visualise overlooked details in our everyday environment and investigate on the difficulty to make interpersonal relations perceptible. It becomes obvious in the body of work currently installed at gallery 5&33 in Amsterdam.
Combining traditional printing methods with media art, my latest piece ‘Face Value’ not only explores the artistic beauty of bank notes which we exchange everyday just for their monetary value, but offer a flip side, so to speak. The hugely enlarged prints of illustrious characters’ eyes contain additional layers which are accessible with any mobile device grace to the technology of Augmented Reality. They reveal an insight into the financial matters of several countries, emphasised with quotes of experts on economy.
If you enjoy the discoveries, do not hesitate to try the same technique with my earlier series ‘Decision Values’. The grids of numerous photographic images are the result of my investigation to capture the aura of buildings, in which decision making is an important task. The amount of pictures refers in all cases to a number of either deciders, options or decisions being made. The work is completed by time lapse videos, which can be viewed on a screen or again, with the aid of a mobile device and augmented reality.

elke3 elke2

Stop by at 5&33 and visit Elke Reinhuber’s ‘Decision Values’ exhibition!

Curious about Elke’s works? See more here


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