For the first time, 5&33 Gallery, together with guest curator Robert Malasch, will be presenting the artwork by young artists who recently graduated. A selection of art schools with exceptional young talent have been selected to exhibit. 5&33’s goal is to give new talents the opportunity to showcase their work, supporting them on the start of their journey.

Visit the exhibition from 22 August to 15 September at 5&33 and discover the latest talent!

Anna Drupka – Rietveld
Inup Park – Rietveld
Kim David Bots – Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Den Haag
Lennart van Dueren den Hollander – Meubelvakschool
Missato Unno – Rietveld
Oscar Mollee – Meubelvakschool
Sharieta Berghuis – HKU
Studio Teun Martijn de Boer – HKU
Suus Groenleer – HKU
Sven Hulsbergen Henning – Meubelvakschool
Tibor Koek – Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Den Haag
Biografie Rob Malasch
Guest Curator ART ‘OTEL
The Best of The Rest: Young Talent Show.

Rob Malasch:rob-malasch
Robert Malasch was born in Bandung, Dutch East Indies, and did his training for Head
teacher at Magister Vocat. After that Malash went to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie after which he completed the training for modern dance at Koert Stuyf and Ellen Edinoff.

His international breakthrough came in 1982 with the premiere of ‘The Photographer’ which was a special request from the former Queen Beatrix for the opening of the Holland Festival at the Royal Palace. This also led to several high-profile theatre productions.

Malasch has initiated and performed several projects throughout his career with international artists such as Andy Warhol, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Robert Mapplethorpe and Jeff Koons.

Additionally, Malasch worked as a foreign correspondent for Het Parool and Haagse Post. During the past few years, Malasch has been working as the founder of the prestigious gallery for contemporary art ‘Serieuze Zaken’ that hosts exhibitions, demonstrations and events in The Netherlands as well as abroad, including the Days and Nights Festival in Amsterdam.

Rob Malasch is currently also participating in Art Amsterdam, Kunst Rai, Paris Photo, Photo Fever, Art in L.A. and Amsterdam Drawing. In 2015 we can expect a comeback in theatre with the revival of The Photographer in collaboration with ATTACCA ensemble and Sandra Chedi, initiator of WOW International.

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