If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam soon, you’ll want to know the hippest, newest, quirkiest and hidden places in the city – and nothing makes a holiday more interesting than getting under the skin of a city, and feeling like a true insider! So who better to get advice from, than the city’s bloggerverse?

Here is a small selection of some of the bloggers we recommend at 5&33, whether you’re looking for the best vintage boutiques, or the latest bakery opening, or even the hottest clubbing action…

bike duck

Looking for the coolest shops? Read up on fashionista’s blog

Need some foodie inspiration, the best raw herring stand or the most delicious cheese shop? Check out Amsterdam Foodie’s latest posts

Getting on a bike? Read up on Dutch cycling habits with Amsterdamize

If you ever manage to leave 5&33 bar (and we know the Gin & Tonic menus will entertain you for a few hours…) get some cocktail recommendations from the folk at Little Black Book

Finally, if you want to party all hours until the sun comes up – The Travelling Dutchman will help you out…


Have fun in the city, but remember… the best address for dinner and art is always…. #meetusonthecorner!

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