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As part of Amsterdam Pop-up Week – 5&33 is featuring a special dessert by Archichef – The Chocolate Salami – on it’s menu.

Pasquale Pontillo (aka Archichef) worked for many years in Italy as an architect and interior designer. When he moved to Amsterdam he took the opportunity of marking a turning point in his professional career by combining his expertise in design with his true passion for food and cooking.

He remembers that, as a child, his mum and dad always used to say: “don’t play with your food!”… well , now, as a grown-up, he is finally taking pleasure in disobeying this rule and being playful and creative with recipes and ingredients. He applies this essential philosophy to most of his projects: from packaging design to workshops, from private dinners to big events like the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Nothing is what it seems in Archichef’s surprising and mouth-watering world: plastic balls containing mini-sandwiches; pastry cases wrapping omelette bonbons, teapots pouring soup instead of tea and… Pasquale is the man behind the Chocolate Salami.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The story of the chocolate salami goes back all the way to Pasquale’s childhood, when his Mum used to make it and serve it to family and friends on special occasions. Archichef tried to re-create that childhood memory: the taste of chocolate and that special playful feeling about it. Pasquale: “That’s what my chocolate salami’s recipe is: a combination of childhood memories and contemporary design with a playful touch.”

In Pasquale’s vision, eating is a social experience that needs to be shared. That’s why in all his events, he loves to bring people together and push them to interact with each other.

Archichef’s Chocolate Salami will be on the menu of Restaurant 5&33 Kitchen during the first edition of Pop-Up Week Amsterdam, a festival dedicated to all kinds of Pop Up events from September 18 – 28.

 Watch the video and see how it’s made!

ChocoThriller from CloudJam on Vimeo.

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