Stop by at 5&33 until 15 September to meet the latest talent in town!

For the first time 5&33 is presenting works by art students who have just graduated. Giving them the opportunity to showcase their work and supporting them on the start of their career.
Let us introduce you to some of the highlights:

Sven Hulbergen Henning (Henningmade)sven-hulsbergen
(The Netherlands)
HMC Amsterdam
In my work I use modern design and production technologies to reinvent the qualities of dedicated craftsmanship. The use of these technologies ads bespoke detail and structure to my designs.
Gothveil merges the beauty of abstract patterns composed by the mind with the expressive power of patterns materialized by force in time. The cabinet integrates the preconceived beauty of composition with the felt beauty of lived experience. It bonds us to the material world in a more natural way than the stylized aesthetics of mere representation predominant in western culture.

Inup Parkinup
(South Korea)
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
I believe that all art works originate form an intuition, or an inner desire of the artist. As this causes the birth of every art work, the most basic thing that pushes me in my work is to relate it to myself, my personal experience, and my feelings within my body. This is the main reason for the creation of my own work, why it deeply connects with my physical and emotional state. My works are about my emotions: laziness, loneliness, pressures I got. And everyone else has.

Klaas Jonkmanklaas jonkman
(The Netherlands)
What  could be a story, is never illustrated.
What looks like a nice painting, has a sensual distance or emptiness that leaves the painting open and more questions are being raised then answered.The questions raised and what could be happening outside the image that I paint, define the story behind what I paint on canvas. It is in the eye of the beholder to see what is going on with the atmosphere that I create. Mostly realistic, but sometimes this also leads to surrealistic results, but always to a lack of detail by light, that almost un-identify the forms that I paint. So that the thought of the objects, humans in, and the painting itself will slide beneath the surface.

There are probably emotions beneath the cool or warm light and distance in my work and to reach these emotions, the whole image and feeling counts, not the individual shapes in my paintings. How the objects interfere with one another and their environment, leads to the open narrative: the story is never concluded. That’s why I almost never paint faces, humans are to complex. A suggestive construction, and an atmosphere or light that is open for trying to understand what is going on. Thus trying to paint with leaving out details, the almost non existing people and objects in my paintings create an emptiness.

#meetusonthecorner and visit Yount Talents – the Best of the Rest until 15 September!

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