Ferruccio Mari (Rome, 8th of April 1965) was introduced into the world of art at an early age by his uncle who was a contemporary artist, and  followed an artistic upbringing. Mari came to know about the notions of perspective, tricks of light, depth of field and volumes. His early years were spent with the medium of oil paints before his curiosity carried him to other types of colour media such as watercolours, alcohol, poster colours and Indian ink.  

Mari’s first group exhibition at the age of ten ‘ 100 Children in Via Margutta’ was held in an art gallery in Piazza di Spagna in Rome which was also the home of Giorgio De Chirico, the modern day artist and friend to other artists, namely Matisse and Picasso.

In 1990 Mari moved to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and had the opportunity to brush shoulders with artists belonging to his own mindset. Mari studied the works of Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Magritte who are still today the sources of his inspiration.

This is how the vein of Mari’s current artistic project using Street Art techniques got off the ground, with the spray stencil approach. He brought about works which expressed modern-day life in all of its facets and stages, daily gestures, night life, fashion and even parties and social events that he had put together and played an active part in, in cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and Tokyo.

Ferruccio’s “street art technique” project is a metaphor for life that should be lived by each and every human being, challenging and wrestling with life’s events, evading work situational roles and then finally managing to find themselves.

Colours are in this sense indicative in symbolizing emotions that make themselves felt….life, passions, a great party, true friends, a life lived to the full in all senses.

Don’t be just a shadow in this world.


2012 – Ferruccio Mari – Roma – Museo Chiostro del Bramante.

2011 – NOVOMANIA – Shanghai – Fashion Week.

2010 – Party – Roma – The Road To Contemporary Art.

2009 – SUMMER – Roma – Piazza della Pace.

2009 – LIFE – Roma – Piazza della Pace


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