This month we love to share another one of our favorite signature cocktails and recipes with you. The cocktail matches perfectly with our signature dish ‘chocolate & pecan cake’.

Cocktail of the month ‘Last man standing’

cocktail last man

Ingredients: 40ml Remy Martin VSOP, 15ml Maker’s Mark Bourbon, 10ml Drambuie Whisky Liqueur, 10ml homemade verveine syrup (fresh verveine tea, Szechuan buttons, sugar), 3 dashes Peychaud’s bitter.

Add ice to a cognac glass, set aside and let glass cool. Add all ingredients to a Japanese mixing glass, add ice cubes and stir for 1 minute to cool the cocktail. Add a dash of absinth to cognac glass and stir, empty it. Empty the mixing glass with a strainer into the cognac glass. You’re done!

Signature 5&33 dish ‘Chocolate & pecan cake’


Ingredients: 400gr butter, 400gr dark chocolate, 8 eggs, 440gr brown sugar, 250gr pecan nuts, 240gr flour.

Add the butter and chocolate to a bowl and place in microwave for 10 minutes so it melts. Whisk the eggs and sugar and add it to the bowl with the butter and chocolate. Add the flour and pecan nuts as well. Mix it till it becomes smooth. Spread it on a tray and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 190ᵒ.

Slice it and place a piece on a dessert plate, add some yoghurt ice-cream and enjoy!

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